Tips on Choosing Your Garage Floor Coating System

An epoxy garage floor coating IS different from garage floor paint. Usually garage floor paint is a standard acrylic product. Some paints will even contain a small amount of epoxy mixed into the mixture to make it even more durable than ordinary paint, but again, it's still paint. Epoxy is actually an actual thermoforming resin that is applied in a similar fashion to epoxy ceramic tiles. The difference lies in the fact that the resin is applied to a bare floor and cured to create a permanent, virtually impenetrable barrier.

The garage floor coating  is  designed for diamond grinding and installing in wet areas. The epoxy used for these coatings is highly resilient and can withstand very high temperatures. Diamond grinding and installing on concrete floors are not recommended, but the coating can protect your vehicles from weathering and damage due to abrasions and wear and tear. The actual method of application is quite simple. A thin, even layer is brushed onto the concrete floor surface and allowed to dry for a short period of time.

A majority of garage floor coatings contain an anti-static agent such as magnesium foil, an electrostatic charge or a combination of both. This agent works to prevent static charges from building up when the floor is first laid, which limits the amount of work needed to re-coating the area with cement after it has been stained. All garage floor coating products are designed with the intention of providing maximum impact resistance to any potential impacts from objects within and outside of the garage.

Impact resistance is important because most homes have one or more vehicles stored in the garage. Garage floors tend to be made out of the polyurea coating  that experiences considerable wear and tear from a variety of everyday uses. The longer vehicles are parked on the garage flooring, the more impact the floor will endure over time. A durable garage epoxy flooring system can greatly reduce the amount of time needed to re-coating the floor after a spill, spillage or accident. Cost effective, long lasting and durable epoxy flooring options are available for any type and level of home.

Coatings provide many benefits other than impact resistance. Durable, slip resistant and easy to clean designs allow for a quick clean up after any spills or accidents. Most epoxy coatings are treated with an anti-static agent, which helps to keep the design looking like new even after years of use. These coatings are available in a number of different designs, including traditional rollover designs and new advancements in color and pattern choices.

Garage floor coatings are a big box store product. They can be found in most hardware stores, home improvement stores and retailers that sell industrial products. With an endless array of design options and easy application methods, garage floor coatings are fast becoming the most popular and cost effective way to protect concrete floors. Learn more about flooring here:
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